Souls of Goldhawk Road - Lines for Joe M

Lines for Joe M

#1 (this is a dead cert!!!)

It’s a well known fact: the gamblers like the drunks and the drunks like the gamblers, but no one likes the junkies.

#2 "I know what's behind it... the years' worth of dust and smog and grime which has settled there. I know the piss and the dampness and the weeds at the bottom and the fat brown slugs which slither out by night. I know the scrunched-up cigarette packets, the pigeon's shit, the rusting empty beer cans and the 'Black Nurse with a Cock' Call-Guy flyer stuck upon the side. That's what I know about contemporary verse, right there."

#3 He wheeled himself right up to me. I thought he was going to spit at me or ride his stump of a leg into my knee. He did neither. Rather, he parked his chair an inch from my toes and said quietly: "Why are people like you such fucking Philistines?"​