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DK&L WRITERS - Cheap Web Content at Professional Quality!

DK&L Writers offer professional business services - content writing, logo design & web design - at a fraction the cost of the market price. Though that isn't their greatest attribute. Their greatest attribute  is that for such a low price they produce top-quality work that will rival and surpass many of the tope end firms offering the same services. And if you don't believe me just pop over to their site and check it out for yourselves: DK&L WRITERS. They produce all their work in advance of payment and so if ever you didn't like what they produce, simple: YOU DON'T PAY.

DK&L offers Inexpensive Content Writing & Cheap Business Services

DK&L first began offering cheap business writing services in 2007 when they began as a small collective of writers with a philosophy to their art. They supplied traditional working class businesses with content that rivalled that of their national rivals and allowed the smaller firms to compete on a professional level. Since those early days DK&L Writers has maintained this social philosophy but have since branched out into cheap logo design and cheap web design. 

Up to 5 Times Cheaper Employees 2 Times Better Paid!

That's the boast! By circumventing the company as a profit obsessed monster DK&L is able to drastically cut the cost of services. A business usually works   like:

  • Company profit #1 goal.
  • Charge as much as one can for as little as one can give
  • Get as much out the workers for the least amount of outlay
It's a model that ensures EVERYONE LOSES! Customers do not get a good deal. Workers are exploited and over worked. No matter how much you pay for services, in effect you get only the quality that the employee thinks is worth that price. For example:

If you pay £10,000 for your house to be repainted, but GREEDY.COM wants 99.9 % of the profit and so sends in painters being paid £100 a job, you will not receive a £10,000 paint job but a £100 paint job by tired workers who couldn't care a damn.

DK&L WRITERS works to a different tune:

DK&L Writers do not run a profit guzzling business. In fact, the business is not there to make a profit at all. It is there purely for its good name and as a banner for self-employed writers and designers to get behind.

When you use DK&L 98% of the money you pay goes to the writer / designer. 2% goes into the company to pay for annual website and administration costs. It translates that if you pay a traditional company  £750 for web content, you will be receiving writers working for £150. Wherefore  if you take up DK&L's cheap writing services at £325, the writer will receive £320. Who would you prefer writing for you?

The writer being paid £150, or
The writer being paid £320

And yet, the better service is half price for you to acquire!

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